Now Available! Machine-Tool Repair Consultation via the Internet

During the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January of 1995 and during the recent torrentioal rains in Nagoya,where rivers overflowed,flooding many areas in and around the city,Yokogawa Kiko responded to many crisis calls involving the restoration of factory machinery,equipment inspections and repair.We dualt with a large number of emergencies by dispatching staff,sometimes for days,or taking back the machines to our site for in-house repairs. We are able to dispatch staff at any time to conduct preventative maintenance work at major factory-sites.Please consulu with us by e-mail or fax(product specifications,requirements,etc.)regarding the repair of machine components,manufacture of parts,NCconversion of general-purpose machinery and general overhaul questions,etc. Incollaboration with specialists in every technical field,we can help your Company reduce its overall business costs. We have extensive experience dealing with overhauls,modifications,NCmodifications,electrid equipment conversion of foreign mahcinery as well as geared machinery related equipment such as gear grinders,hobbing machiness,gear shapers,gear-shavinf machines and broaching machines.Please refer your concerns to us.Upon consultation with our technical staff we can offer you the ideal solution to your problem.