Gear Machinery Line of Business(Gear Machinery Division)

Manufacturer Product
1 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Gear processing machine,machining center.
2 Kanzaki Kokyukoki MFG Co.,Ltd. Gear shaving machine,special machinery.
3 Yutaka Seimitsu Kogyo,Ltd Gear processing machine(including Spiral).
4 Snjo Machine Works Ltd. Broaching machine
5 Chugoku Machine Gear processing machine.
6 Kyushu Toshiba Machine Ltd. Carbide gear processing machine,turning machine.
7 Kashifuji Works Ltd. Gear hobbing machine.
8 Hitachi / Maizuru Incinerator.
9 NC modification of plant equipment (large & small-sized).Remodeling of existing gear processing machines into high precision machines by NC modification.
10 Suzuki Tekko OH:Repairs,remodeling and installation of various types of industrial furnaces.